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About Us

Hey there!

I'm Rachael, the founder and chef behind Miam Jars.

I’ve been obsessed with food and cooking since I could walk, with family and friends supporting and enduring obsessions with cake decorating, ice-cream, everything dough related, preserving, pickling and fermenting, and cheese-making. These days, I’ve happily given up moulding people and ribbons out of fondant icing but the preserving and pickling love has stayed strong.


I’m a flexitarian, cooking predominantly plant-based food at home with a focus on whole foods. This is the inspiration for Miam Jars, where we use fruit and vegetables you can see, a whole lot of spices and aromatics, and our magic touch to create yummy things in jars.


While our pickles, sauces and condiments are all vegan friendly, they’re for everyone. Whether you’re a self-confessed chef-extraordinaire or just looking for an easy way to add flavour, Miam Jars is here to help you dip, drizzle, marinade, stir and spread your way to yumminess!


Need a little inspiration to get started? Check out our recipe section and follow us on instagram!


So what’s with the name?

Miam (said mee-yum) is the colloquial French word for yummy. Miam Jars is named for my favourite sandwich and crepe shop in Paris, Chez Alain Miam Miam.


If you’re ever near Marche des Enfant Rouge Market it’s well worth a visit. The sandwiches are as legendary as Alain himself.


The passion and joy Alain shows with his ingredients, cooking and bringing people together with flavour-led food encapsulated what I wanted to share with Miam Jars.

Happy cooking!

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